MR.MR releases eye contact dance practice for “Out”

MR.MR continues to capture the attention of fans as they revealed the eye contact dance practice video for their newest release “Out.”

Released on May 1st, the black and white video sets the perfect mood as it goes hand and hand with the funky and groovy beat of the song. The members were seen in causal clothing; however, they showcased their smooth and slick choreography as their eyes were following the camera.

Out” is an upbeat and groovy track that was released on April 24th and incorporates the lyrics, “I need your touch, don’t you play with my heart,” as they expressed how they were head over heels for a woman.

Meanwhile, MR.MR released the Disneyland version of “I Promise You” on November 20th. The music video shows the members roaming around Disneyland as they wore comfortable and cozy street style outfits while they stayed entertained by going to gift shops, and more.