MR.MR’s Jin and Changjae discuss group’s future in promotional interview

In wake of their group’s recent lineup change, MR.MR‘s Jin and Changjae appeared on a promotional interview to discuss the group’s upcoming activities. 

Dressed in fresh suits, the two MR.MR members reassured fans that the group would be bringing back their popular MiMiTV to show fans more of the group, as well as introduce them to the newest member who will soon be revealed.

The duo also discussed their upcoming mini-album, which will feature raps written by Chanjae himself! And while he noted that the raps may be a little poor and rough because of his lack of experience, he really did his best in pouring all of his efforts into his lyrics. Changjae added, “Everyone, I would really appreciate it if you don’t throw stones but review it nicely.

Jin, who wrote the lyrics for the group’s song “Do You Feel Me,” noted that writing lyrics helps an artist develop musically and helped him continue his path with music.

MR.MR is currently working very hard to bring new music for fans, and the duo added that they look forward to making fans happy with their next release. Make sure to check out Jin and Changjae’s promotional interview below to hear their entire message for fans!