MR.MR’s Tey releases jacket making film for “Dangerous”

After releasing the making film and choreography video for his solo debut “Dangerous,” MR.MR‘s Tey released the jacket making film for the track on March 1st. 

With the catchy track playing in the background, the jacket making film for “Dangerous” featured the MR.MR member posing for the various photos that would be included in the album’s jacket.

From outfits with fur coats to no shirt at all, Tey showed that he had the swagger and athletic body to make anything look good. The singer also showed fans his playful personality by performing various antics such as sporadic push-ups and crab walks. Although his actions didn’t make him appear as “dangerous” as in the music video, it did give fans a better look into the MR.MR member’s personality.

Despite being playful and friendly, the singer was still very professional and definitely appeared confident and mature for the actual photo shoot.

Check out the jacket making film for Tey’s “Dangerous” below!