MR.MR’s Tey releases teaser video for solo debut “Dangerous”

On January 22nd, male idol group MR.MR member Tey released a short teaser video for his solo debut track “Dangerous.”

The short 23-second video starts off slowly with the TH E&M artist seen putting on a leather jacket as he moves within a “V” formed by bright lights in an otherwise dark room. As the music in the background builds to a climax, scenes from a music video flash in and out, until the screen inevitably explodes, revealing a neon sign in the shape of a triangle that reads “Tey MR.MR 2015.01.30“.

Although the teaser itself was quite short and in plain black and white, from the small glimpses presented in the flashes of the short video, Tey’s solo debut music video appears to be quite exciting and energetic. Make sure to keep an eye out for the release of “Dangerous,” which is set for January 30th. Don’t forget to check out the short teaser video below!