MR.MR’s Tey teases for sexy solo debut with “Dangerous”

On January 26th, MR.MR member Tey revealed an interview segment and music video teaser to announce his upcoming solo debut with Dangerous.

In the short music video teaser, Tey takes on a mysterious and alluring concept with “Dangerous” as his smokey makeup and leather outfit gives him a different flare from before.

The steady beat and slow motion movements of the music video teaser lead up to a woman’s screech and Tey’s smooth vocals before ending the clip. The music video teaser leaves room for fans to guess exactly what the track will be about.

Meanwhile, in the interview clip showing some footage behind the scenes of the music video filming, Tey reverts back to his cheerful and friendly self as he praises the choreographers for designing an especially sexy dance. Promising to debut with his sexy bad boy concept, Tey ends the video with an adorable aegyo.

Furthermore, the artist unveiled two stills from his jacket photo cuts, teasing fans even more with his dark and eye-catching concept.

His solo debut single Dangerous will be released on January 30th.

Take a look at his music video teaser and interview as well as photos below:

Source: StarAZ