MYK shares “Perfect” MV ft. Park Shin Hye

On February 4th, MYK released the music video for his latest track titled “Perfect” featuring Park Shin Hye.

The artist generated much excitement with the announcements that the track’s lyrics were penned by Epik High’s Tablo and would feature the gentle voice of Park Shin Hye.

The track begins with a rolling shot of MYK’s personal Instagram account. In an endless-scroll fashion, viewers get to see various clips of him performing on his guitar. The creatively shot music video featured angles from his adorable dog, from different points on his guitar, and from the corners of the room.

“Perfect” is a mellow, relaxing track that highlights MYK’s clear vocals against the pure guitar and laid-back percussion. Park Shin Hye’s voice gives a soft and feminine touch to the track as the final refrain is a sweet harmony between the two.

Check out the creative music video here: