MyMusicTaste teases for its hottest concert series yet with unique fan contest and giveaway

MyMusicTaste will be bringing their hottest concert series yet to fans as they team up with one of the hottest and in-demand K-pop boy bands!

Just in the past two years, MyMusicTaste has successfully brought over 80 concerts to over 30 cities around the world featuring K-Pop groups such as Block B and INFINITE. Continuing this successful string of K-Pop concerts to fans, the beginning 2016 will feature their most exciting concert series yet!

To prepare fans for this epic upcoming feature, MyMusicTaste has set up a unique and worldwide scavenger contest. When pieced together, this will unveil the big clue for their next big North American event.

Pieces like the one above (featured image) will be scattered throughout the internet using the hashtag #MMTWhosNext and it’s up to you to find them and piece them together to get the big clue! First fan to solve the puzzle will win two FREE tickets for the concert to the city of their choice!

For clues to the pieces, just follow MyMusicTaste via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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