MYNAME celebrates 3rd anniversary with video greeting

On October 27th, MYNAME members uploaded a special video for their fans in celebration of the group’s third year since debut. Check out what the members said in the video!

In the video, the members thanks fans for their love and the long wait they have been enduring. Dressed in casual and comfortable clothes, MYNAME shows their cheerful and happy expressions as they celebrate their third anniversary together.

One by one, the members convey their genuine feelings of gratitude to their fans:

Chaejin: “I debuted when I was 17 and now I am 20. I will show you myself becoming more mature.”

Seyong: “I hope we can celebrate our 5th and 10th debut anniversaries together too! Get on the back seat MYGIRLS, and oppa will take you for a ride!”

JunQ: “I really, really love you my fans! And thank you a lot for waiting for us and loving us.”

Insoo: “Sorry for sending love and thanks through video [instead of in person]. As you have been waiting for so long, we will put more energy into our comeback! Happy 3rd Birthday to MYGIRLS!”

Gunwoo: “We have no worries as long as we are with our fans. We will be together as MYNAME for a long time.”

Also, MYNAME hinted they are making their comeback soon. When Chaejin asked fans to wait more for them Insoo questioned him winking, “How much more?” and he replied, “!@%$%$#^!&”. It seems like the long wait will be able to end soon! MYNAME’s latest track “Day by Day” was released in October of 2013.

Happy third anniversary to MYNAME! Check out MYNAME’s celebratory video here:

Source: MYNAME Official Facebook