MYNAME releases groovy video teaser for “too very so MUCH”

MYNAME releases another teaser as they near the release date of their upcoming mini-album, showing off their groovy sound for the title track “too very so MUCH.”

As a freckle-filled face JunQ innocently walks by his lonesome, a beautiful, hot and sexy lady wearing high heels and red dress passes by him. Unable to cope with how beautiful she is, JunQ hilariously falls and passes out on the floor. Frantically calling the emergency number, the remaining members appear to “fix” him, using odd tools to revive him.

Viewers are given a quick peek into the choreography, an energetic track fitting to the hip-hop and pop song.

MYNAME’s 2nd mini-album will be released on February 12th, to which the full tracklist has already been unveiled.