MYNAME releases sexy teaser for comeback track “Just Tell Me”

After revealing their comeback image teaser, MYNAME released their sexy teaser for their comeback track “Just Tell Me.”

Released on May 6th, MYNAME’s flirty vibe shined as they were surrounded by women, clothed in crop tops and high-waisted shorts. The music video creates a hip-hop environment where it showcases the members having a party, flirting with women while additional scenes revealed their choreography.

Throughout the music video, the five-member group’s charisma and confidence were revealed as they were clothed in patterned black and white outfits as they sang their upcoming track. “Just Tell Me” is an upbeat and funky hip-hop track that will be MYNAME’s 4th single and will be released on May 13th.

Meanwhile, MYNAME celebrated their 1,000th day since their Japanese debut in April. In addition to the rewarding celebration, they released the music video for their Japanese track “The Greatest Story Ever Told” on April 11th.