MYNAME returns with “too very so MUCH” MV and 2nd mini-album release

After a year and four months of since their last release, male group MYNAME is back with the catchy track “too very so MUCH” from their 2nd mini-album release on February 12th.

“too very so MUCH” is a trendy hip-hop track created by songwriter Kim Gun Woo, who is known to have worked with MC Mong and Supreme Team, some of the biggest names in Korean hip-hop music. He teams up with rising songwriting team and rookies volt220, who has made their presence known in MYNAME’s newest mini-album release. With a funky brass line, drum sound, and an addictive chorus, there’s no doubt you’ll have this song on repeat as you dance along to it.

MYNAME also showcases their hilarious sense of humor in the music video of their title track, not knowing what to do when an attractive woman in a red dress appears.

Take a listen to the previews of the album and watch the music video below:

play button Listen to MYNAME’s 2nd mini-album preview!