Mystic Entertainment Officially Reveals New Girl Group Rookies

Who’s excited for this new group?

Mystic Entertainment, who previously revealed plans for a new girl group, has officially announced the members through Mystic Story Rookies on their official Instagram page.

Let’s take a look at the members.

1. KIM SU HYEON (김수현) 2000.01.15

She previously appeared on Produce 101 and MixNine and is also known as an actress.

KIM HA RAM (김하람) 2001.01.13

KIM SI YOON (김시윤) 2005.02.16

She was a pop teen model before becoming a rookie.

FUKUTOMI TSUKI (후쿠토미 츠키) 2002.09.21

She is an ex-SM trainee who previously went by the name Ravi.

LEE SOO MIN (이수민) 1999.03.28

She appeared on Produce 101 and MixNine and is a former Fave Girls trainee.

MOON SU A (문수아) 1999.09.09

She is a former YG trainee and also appeared on Unpretty Rapstar. She is the sister of ASTRO’s Moonbin.

TAKEUCHI MIYU (타케우치 미유) 1996.01.12

She is a former AKB48 member and appeared on Produce 48.

Keep a look out for updates from this new group through their Instagram.