N.Flying’s Kwangjin shockingly reveals that he was a trainee longer than Yonghwa

On a recent episode of Mnet‘s Yaman TV, new FNC Entertainment band N.Flying member Kwangjin shockingly revealed he had been a trainee much longer than CNBLUE’s Yonghwa.

Aired on June 15th, both rookie band N.Flying and girl group Blady made an appearance together as the episode’s guests.

There, Kwangjin shared, “I was a trainee for 10 years. I was there before Jung Yonghwa sunbaenim arrived.”

Member Jaehyun, who is known to be the younger brother of Rainbow’s Jaekyung, also revealed his trainee time, saying, “My trainee years were shorter. I trained for nine years.”

Kwangjin was the original bassist of CNBLUE prior to the popular band’s debut in Korea in 2010. However, the now-N.Flying member left the group in 2009 and was replaced by current CNBLUE member Lee Jungshin.

During their time on Yaman TV, N.Flying showed off their live instrumental skills and sung various cover songs such as the Black Eyed Peas.

Source: Newsen