N-SONIC reveals additional image teasers ft. Byul and Minkee

In addition to their previous teaser images and video, N-SONIC revealed their 3rd release of teasers featuring Byul and Minkee.

Preparing for their comeback with the mini-album, Another Progress, N-SONIC has revealed multiple teasers for their fans. Besides sharing an audio teaser for their title track, “Black Out,” N-SONIC also revealed two individual image teasers each day.

On March 18th and 19th, the group had revealed photos for J.Heart, ZionBongjun, and Sihoo as well as the teaser video for “Black Out.” On March 20th, the group continued with their 5th and 6th individual teaser images, this time featuring members Byul and Minkee.

In each image teaser, both Byul and Minkee hold a hand up to their mouths while also showing their maturity as artists. After nine months since N-SONIC’s last comeback, the members’s growth can be visualized in their teasers.

Another Progress is expected to be released on March 24th even though they have already made their comeback stage on multiple music shows.