Na Yoon Kwon releases MV teaser for “364 Days of Dream”

Vocalist Na Yoon Kwon is scheduled to release another beautiful track as he teased fans with the music video teaser for “364 Days of Dream” on May 28th.

As the music dropped, a timer was shown on the screen, which appeared to be counting the days until the 364th day. Along with the timer, the male lead was seen running after a woman who appeared to be running away from him.

Na Yoon Kwon is known for his ballad tracks such as “If Only,” released just last year, and “Call Me,” which was released in 2012. In addition to those tracks, he has participated in recording several pieces for drama soundtracks including the Shark and Love Rain OSTs.

Meanwhile, “364 Days of Dream” is scheduled to be released on June 2nd.