Natthew releases “Love Will Be OK” MV ft. Son Ho Young and starring Park Boram

Just hours after releasing his music video teaser to his title track “Love Will Be OK,” singer Natthew has unleashed the full version to the public with Park Boram starring at his female lead.

Originally from Thailand, Natthew has been making his own mark in Korea. After a two year hiatus since his last single, he returns with the backing of g.o.d‘s Son Ho Young, who features in Natthew’s title track as a rapper.

Park Boram also shows her support for the artist, starring in the music video as his female lead. With an infectious smile, Natthew walks down a street as couples warmly greet each other. As the night approaches, Natthew himself gets the chance to woo Park Boram with his charm as he gets down on his knees.

Natthew pre-released the single “Don’t Know How,” sharing his own rendition of Roy Kim‘s original track, prior to publishing his newest single, “Love Will Be OK.”

Check it out below!