Natthew reveals behind the scenes footage of “Love Will Be OK”

Natthew reveals behind the scenes footage for his most recent comeback, “Love Will Be OK.”

Natthew’s newest music video, “Love Will Be OK” features Son Ho Young, and the two men film their choreography in various locations despite the chilly weather throughout the day. Even though they continued to complain about the cold, the two men continued on filming for the sake of the music video. After a long day of hard work, Natthew and Son Ho Young finally leave the set at night time to enjoy dinner with the crew.

Park Boram also features in the music video, playing a girl who falls in love with Natthew. Behind the scenes, the cameramen show her embarrassment and shyness to take Natthew’s hand. However, Park Boram along with Song Ho Young, wishes Natthew good luck with his music video and comeback.

Check out the behind the scenes video below!