Nayoung of WINGS and Yang Song E cover “Make You Feel My Love”

On December 17th, Nayoung of WINGS and Yang Song E got together to record a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”

The two are seated comfortably around a piano with Nayoung in charge of vocals and Yang Song E accompanying. They are also dressed cozily in patterned sweaters, giving viewers a familiar and happy feeling from the get go.

Nayoung’s smooth vibrato and steady mid-range vocals give the song a mature and melancholy tone. Not only does Yang Song E’s piano accompaniment provide the track with a deeper sense of emotion, her light harmonies fill the surrounding sound with color. String accompaniments that join in also give the rendition life.

As mentioned in the caption, the two ladies’ cover is inspired by vocalist Adele’s version of the song as they encourage listeners to check out that version as well.

Check out their amazing rendition here:

They also showed fans their great chemistry with a fun and short dance to Pitbull’s “Celebration”: