NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is Making People Squeal With His Cute Nickname

The most adorable nickname.

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin is gaining love from fans and netizens alike not only for his gorgeous visuals but for his adorable nickname.

Jaemin’s full name is Na Jaemin, so fans have given him the adorable nickname Nana!


The nickname caught on within the fandom, and pretty soon, Jaemin started calling himself Nana! On social media, fans have noticed that Jaemin has been calling himself Nana as well.

Today’s Nana.

Fans have since found the difference between Jaemin and Nana. Jaemin is the Na Jaemin on stage: cool, chic, and fierce. It’s when he puts his game face on and performs well for the fans.

Nana is the Na Jaemin off-stage; the one who is adorable and cute. On social media, he always puts a green heart, showing his love for NCTzens. He never fails to show off his sweet side and to make his fans happy.

Either way, people love both Jaemin and Nana equally, and NCTzens love both of his sides.