NCT Dream’s Jeno Under Fire For Apparently Being Xenophobic To Fellow Member Chenle

Jeno appears to be joking and doesn’t mean any harm, but some people are still upset.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno is currently under fire for his alleged rude, xenophobic behavior towards Chenle, a Chinese member of the group.

During a recent live broadcast, Chenle read the rules of the game out loud for his member. Jeno can be seen pounding his chest, pretending to be frustrated over how slow Chenle was reading. Chenle, whose Korean is at the intermediate level, still struggles with reading Korean.

Some people are upset by his actions, saying that it’s rude to act this way, especially to a foreign member who still has difficulty with the language. Netizens have mentioned that they hope SM Entertainment teaches their idols to not be xenophobic, especially if they aim for a global idol group.

But for those who are fans of NCT, they know that this is how the members joke around with each other. Many also note how Jeno was the one who first taught Chenle Korean before they debuted, which shows that he is not xenophobic and was only joking.

The boys have always been very close, having a tight-knit friendship even with Chenle’s difficulty with Korean. NCTzens are aware that Jeno did not mean to hurt his feelings, and hope that people realize that it was meant as a joke and not to be mean.

Source: Pann