IU’s manager reveals that he can’t help but hate IU when she does this

Solo singer IU is one of the most popular singers in the Korean entertainment industry, having produced hit after hit since her debut eight years ago. 

But while many fans would do anything to just meet her, IU revealed that there are some times when her manager hates dealing with her. Despite her easy-going personality and sense of humor, IU revealed that she’s not always easy to work with while on a radio interview with Super Junior‘s Shindong during her “Modern Times” promotions.

In a short game, IU revealed that she’s not very friendly during diet season. When she has to lose weight for promotions, IU explained that she often asks her manager to take her food away if it looks like she’s eating too much. However, she added that when he does, she often gets really sensitive and gets angry at him when he does.

Because of such a paradoxical situation, IU’s manager can’t help but hate IU a little bit during diet season saying, “IU is always adorable and lovely towards me but when she does this I can’t help but hate her.”