Netizen names the Top 4 Korean YouTube beauties

There are various YouTubers who create amazing tutorials, such as how to duplicate the beautiful looks of your favorite K-pop idols. Here are four Korean YouTube beauties a netizen has named as the best:

On September 13th, a netizen published a post titled “The Best 4 YouTuber Beauties Based on My Taste” via the online bulletin community board Nate.

The original poster writes, “I love watching beauty Youtubers and here are my personal TOP 4 beauty youtubers,” and lists the following YouTubers:

#1 | Yeon Du Kong

The netizen comments, “From the beginning, I felt like Yeon Du Kong-nim was really cool…. ㅠㅠ She has honey-like skin.”

Yeon Duk Kong

#2 | Somevely 

“She even shot a commercial for Tonymori??? She has such great skin and she looks some what….elegant…..♥”


#3 | Sunny

“She was a hot topic because of her celebrity makeup. As far as I know she’s 18….her Hani makeup was amazing…..

#4 | Hakonyang

“In fact, Hakonyang-nim isn’t a makeup artist but she’s a model….
She’s so prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ She’s even appeared on TV.”


The poster continues, “I’ll leave a bonus picture for you guys..♥” and lists an additional “bonus” YouTuber going under the name Pony’s Makeup (Park Hye Min). She is most notably known for doing CL‘s makeup recently.

“Bonus) Legendary beauty YouTuber Pony-nim…
Pony is a legend….”

Pony Makeup


“This is Ssin! not only is she beautiful she’s so helpful too♥”


Other netizens commented:

[+222 / -32]  The top 4 are Sunny-nim, Pony, Calary Girl, and lamuqe-nim? They have the most subscribers.

[+176 / -34] You guys don’t know Dayoung? she’s so beautiful

[+154 / -22] I honestly think Ssin is the best because of her voice and her videos are so easy to watch.


Source: Pann