Netizens Call BTS The Group With No Leftover Member

The seven boys shine as one.

Netizens believe that the reason BTS is so successful is that there is no leftover member.

A “leftover” member is a member that the public doesn’t pay attention to or is used as a filler for the group.

They say that BTS has a good team balance, where all members are good at dancing, are good with music, and perform their roles as vocalists or rappers well.

BTS doesn’t push one member in the spotlight, which netizens love. International fans also appreciate this, since it’s common for a boyband to have one outstanding member while the others are just background.

Even for CFs, BTS does them together.

RM has said so himself,

BTS does well because we don’t have a top member and we’re happy it’s this way.

Hopefully the boys continue to rise together, as one BTS.

Source: Pann