Netizens claim Mnet is discriminating this ‘Produce 101’ trainee

Netizens discuss a ‘Produce 101’ trainee who is allegedly being ‘discriminated’ by Mnet

Mnet’s program ‘Produce 101’ has been one of the most watched audition program ever. Although many viewers claim that the program is allegedly fake, many viewers still tune in next week to follow their favorite trainees. But is a certain trainee being discriminated for minutes during the broadcast?

Heo Chanmi’s sister posted a post on Pann weeks ago complaining that Mnet’s editing purposely made Heo Chanmi look bad on the program and thus resulting in her to lose popularity and votes. However, when these trainees signed their contracts on the program, they were instructed not to complain about the ways Mnet edited the trainees on the program. Did this have an effect for Heo Chanmi not getting enough minutes as mentioned by netizens?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens claim Mnet is discriminating a certain female trainee on program ‘Produce 101.’

Titled “I Really Feel Bad For Heo Chanmi,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“How could she not get any minutes on the program..

She is the main vocal but what is happening….

Really Mnet really took all the benefits of having her on the program first but when she showed her personality, they literally throw her away like that…. Really.. this is wrong”

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Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +47 / 0] I though Heo Chanmi literally made her debut at the beginning of the program hahahaahahhahahaahahha But now she disappeared

[ +47 / -1] I thought that she got kicked off the program after the 8th episode f*ck hahahahahahaha

[ +19 / 0] I think when Girls’ Generation makes an appearance to judge their concepts, they are going to feature her a lot. They are going to get all the close-up facial expressions much as possible in order to make either Girls’ Generation or Chanmi get criticized by netizens… I really feel bad for her as i see her more. CancerMnet tsk tsk

[ +7 / 0] It isn’t that they threw her away after using her but when they were signing the contracts, they were told not to complain about the way the program edits trainees. But Chanmi’s unni posted on Pann that the editing was devil’s job on the program and I think Mnet got pissed and got rid of Chanmi’s minutes on program. I really feel bad for her. But it is her fault kind of for complaining after signing a contract not to complain about the editing on the program

[ +17 / 0] They literally played her vocal mistakes multiple times but edited out perfect of Kang Mina or Kim Sohye’s mistakes hahahahaahahahahahaaha

[ +46 / 0] Haha She didn’t even get a minute when they were at the recording studio hahahahahah

[ +14 / 0] Yeah really hahaha I didn’t even know she was part of ‘Yum Yum’ team…. I don’t think she can debut this time…. She literally disappeared after making one mistake.

Source: Pann