Netizens criticize Jay Park for “unfairly” criticizing WINNER’s Mino

On the most recent episode of Show Me The Money 4, Song Mino of WINNER performed in the 2nd preliminary stage.

Before he even started his performance, Mino overall received high praises from the season’s producers, which included TabloZico, and among others. Mino was complimented by the producers who collectively agreed, “Mino is good at rapping. We need to catch him.”  In particular, Epik High’s Tablo said to Mino, “You communicate your lyrics really well.”

The season’s producers weren’t the only ones who were impressed with Mino’s rapping talent. It’s known that idol rappers are the subject of many misconceptions about their talent levels, however after his performance, many of the non-idol rappers who appeared on the show acknowledged Mino’s skills.

In contrast to the positive comments and praise that Mino received for his performance in the second preliminary stage, one producer was surprisingly negative. The producer and judge in question? Jay Park.

Before Mino even began rapping during his stage, he did some gestures immediately after the clock started. During this time, Jay Park pressed the “disqualified” button and after Mino’s performance, explained his decision. About his actions, Jay Park stated, “I didn’t like his weird gestures when the beat started. He was trying too hard to look cool.”

However, Mino easily passed the round due to the votes of the other producers and Jay Park’s “disqualification” vote ended up not mattering at all in the end. Check out Jay Park’s actions during Mino’s performance:

This wasn’t the end, as netizens took to online posts to express their discontent about Jay Park’s actions and words on the show towards Mino. Many netizens and viewers had harsh words for the hip-hop star and expressed their disbelief.

[+ 1291, – 60] You press the fail button even before he raps?

[+ 1232, – 72] I think he’s better than Jay

[+ 1099, – 97] Park Jaebum you get on my nerves….fix your facial expression

Meanwhile, Jay Park recently participated in Running Man‘s hip-hop special alongside Eun Ji Won, Jessi, and more. He also recently released a 19+ music video for his track, “MOMMAE,” as well as a choreography video for the track. In June, he released “WANT IT” as a digital single and participated in Kim Tae Woo‘s latest track, “Lonely Funk.”

Source: Seoul Finance