Netizens criticize BIGBANG’s Seungri for wearing a police uniform until he deletes photo

BIGBANG’s Seungri was heavily criticized online as he posted a photo of him in a police uniform through his Twitter and Instagram account. 

On November 25th, Seungri uploaded a photo of him in a police uniform and placed a caption, “Loyalty.”  Fans who have initially seen the update praised Seungri on his healthier appearance, however, further comments criticized the singer for his poor judgement considering his recent brush with the law.

The post, however, was quickly deleted from all of his SNS accounts, leaving fans to further speculate on the real intention of his update.

For the past few days, Seungri has been gradually interacting with his fans on SNS, updating his Weibo, Twitter and Instagram for the first since time since his accident and hiatus. He currently joins BIGBANG for their ongoing X tour in Japan.

What do you think the update was about?

Source: StarNews