Netizens Demand Kangin’s Resignation From Super Junior After Repeated Incidents Of Drunk Driving

As Kangin takes a break from all of his activities following his recent hit-and-run incident, fans of Super Junior are making a very robust request. 

On May 25th, an online community represented a group of their fans asking Kangin to leave Super Junior, especially after falling into a controversy once more with his drinking and driving. The request stated that as Kangin’s unlawful doings remain damaging to Super Junior as a group, the specific group of fans expressed that it was unfair for Kangin to promote with the group.

They continued to point Kangin’s wrongdoing in the past including his hit-and-run incident in 2009, missing his mandatory training in 2015 and now his recent run in with the law. According to the fans, they found it fraudulent for their fans and the members to continue supporting the singer despite his previous offences.

The fans also took concern to the image Super Junior will be taking following this incident as they found Kangin’s act damaging to that image and their career.

Despite currently on hiatus to reflect on his wrongdoings, Kangin continue to receive backlash from the incident especially after the footage of the incident was aired.

Source: SportsKorea