Netizens discuss the advantages of Tall vs Short men

Recently a post was made on a popular online community called Pann titled, “Short men vs Tall men jpg (irrefutable)”.

The post stated, “The reason women prefer tall men and tall men are better. Don’t mention proportions because tall men in general have better proportions.”

The title featured a few pictures which allegedly ‘proved’ why tall men are better.


2 lee





Netizens who came across the post displayed mixed feelings about the poster’s statement:

[+116, – 27] Even if you’re good looking, if you’re short you look pathetic…If those guys weren’t celebrities they wouldn’t really be popular either.

[+ 96, – 37] Why do you post stuff like this? If this holds true men could compare women with good and bad bodies…

[+ 88, – 7] (gif)


Source: Pann