Netizens discuss the one company of the Big 3 that had the best year

Netizens have taken to online forums to discuss which of the Big 3 entertainment companies has had the most successful year so far.

Netizens on Pann declared that of the Big 3 agencies, JYP Entertainment has had the best year so far. They point out the great records that the tracks have reached on the music charts and on music shows.

In addition, other fans note that the promotional periods for the groups do not conflict much bringing up an example where miss A’s first place position was knocked down by J.Y. Park himself.

While many had lamented that 2014 was a silent year for the company, they seem to have redeemed themselves with a full 2015. The debuts of girl group TWICE and boy band Day 6 were met with fan support, as were comebacks from 2PM, miss A, Wonder Girls, GOT7, G.Soul, Baek A Yeon, and more.

Revisit some of the hit tracks and debuts the agency released this year:

Source: Pann