Netizens discuss Rain’s comeback as an actor

Netizens discuss Rain’s decision to make a comeback as an actor rather than an artist

On July 17th, artist Rain’s agency, Cube Entertainment, responded to rumors that Rain will make a return as a singer in October. Cube Entertainment stated that Rain does not have plans to release an album in October but is “looking over projects he can participate in and is currently balancing international activities.”

Rain was reportedly preparing an album, with October being the most likely month for release. But with Cube Entertainment denying all reports and rumors, it seems that Rain will make his return as an actor first before preparing for an album.

In reaction this report, many netizens have been mocking and discussing Rain’s abilities as an actor.

[ +2041 / -390] I wasn’t really interested..

[ +1770 / -276] Him as an actor….. hahahaha

[ +1535 / -399] Well looking at his age, you could say that his artist career is over

[ +1300 / -516] hahahahahahahaha look at how he looks like hahaha

[ +472 / -84] As an actor.. hahahaha okay let me laugh before I leave hahahahahahahahahahaha practice your accent first and stop being a poser

[ +396 / -85] Isn’t he not that good as an actor either

Source: Daily Sports