Netizens discuss: What height do Korean men find most attractive?

Netizens discuss what height of women is found most attractive by men.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss what height looks best on girls and is preferred by Korean men.

Titled “Short Girls vs Tall Girls Final,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.



Women Height that men prefer

155~162 cm (5’1″ ~ 5’3″) : “…. I think a little small?”

163~164 cm (5’3″ ~ 5’4″): “Looks good!”

165~168 cm (5’4″ ~ 5’6″): “The height that makes guys drool!”

Over 175 cm (over 5’7″): “I don’t want this height for my girl!”

“There is no such thing as perfect height but just being tall enough is the best hahahahahahaha

To be too short or too tall isn’t preferred hahahahaha

165~168 cm (5’4 ~ 5’6) is the best height that women look best on clothes”


“Why are all the Pann bitches so sensitive about height hahahahahahaahahahhahahah So funny watching them get startled hahaha But this is the truth, I’m sorry… Girls look like elementary students if they’re too short ha.. It doesn’t matter if they have good proportions ha.. When they wear business uniforms, they look the worst haha And if girls go over 175cm, they look like some tree.”

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[ +54 / -5] I know this is the truth so please stop talking about height

[ +46 / -2] It’s not their fault to be too short or too tall and they’re probably a little upset in the inside. Stop rubbing it in.

[ +24 / -0] No, there is nothing needed. They only need to be pretty.

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