Netizens disgusted by Lee Minho’s latest topless selfies

Netizens have had quite the unexpected reaction towards Lee Minho‘s topless and winking Instagram update. 

Actor and boyfriend of miss A’s Suzy, Lee Minho, recently updated his Instagram account with a collage of himself posing shirtless, winking, and making suggestive faces on July 8th.

However, rather than fawning over the actor’s shirtless pictures and alluring expressions, netizens have reacted vehemently with disgust at Lee Minho’s update.

Many found the pictures distasteful, greasy, shameful, and uncharacteristic of the popular celebrity. Check out what some netizens had to say:

1. [+ 1196, – 26] This is the worst picture I’ve seen of him. Lee Min Ho uploads cringey pictures like this..

2. [+ 1032, – 28] It was cringey….he’s a bit aged too and suddenly….if it were a photoshoot it would be fine but a selfie ㅠㅠ!

3. [+ 854, – 20] Ah -.,- why is this so cheesy…ㅎ

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Source: Newsen