Netizens empathize with Purfles’ low budget “Bad Girl” music video

On November 16th, Purfles released the music video for their latest single title track “Bad Girl.”

The girl group amassed a loyal following with their upbeat tracks such as “1, 2, 3” and “A Bad Thing” and recently made a comeback with “Bad Girl.” The track continues the youthful and sexy concept that the ladies have promoted in the past with more color in both their outfits and the backgrounds of the music video.

“Bad Girl” has won the group praise for their spunky vocals however, netizens have been mostly disappointed with the music video. Especially compared to their previous music videos, “Bad Girl” appears especially simple with the girls dancing in front of various colored screens from essentially the same angle.

Fans expressed their thoughts, commenting as such: “The mv quality bothers me…,” “the song is amazing though i feel like the mv was a little too simple,” “I reallllllyyyyy love this song!!! However, and I’m not insulting them, but rather I’m concerned. This video looks really cheap, I’m worried their company is running out of money. Everyone, share this! I don’t want them to disappear!!,” and “Yeah but the MV looks like it was poorly produced and made from a low budget.”

Others wanted to draw attention back to the vocal prowess of the members with many mentioning the improvement that the girls have shown as well.

Check it out here: