Netizens in love with GOT7’s album design

Although they have yet to release any of their song for their comeback yet, many fans are already set on purchasing GOT7‘s upcoming album. 

In addition to the photo and video teasers they’ve released so far, the JYP Entertainment group also revealed the details for their physical album, wowing fans with the beautiful designs. The album which comes in “Serenity” and “Rose Quartz” versions, will feature a photobook, photo ticket, photo cards, and departure card. After seeing the beautifully designed album, netizens praised the group’s agency for their incredible job promoting the group’s comeback so far, and expressed their anticipation for the upcoming release.

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[+ 55, – 3] A lot of people were doubting JYP’s position as one of the Big 3 because of FNC but with TWICE and GOT7 I feel like they’re proving their class again

[+ 33, – 1] Seriously even the fans are surprised at GOT 7’s teaser, trailer and album quality…I feel like their album is going to blow up. They are so perfect in visuals, personality and talent

[+ 14, – 0] I’m not even their fan but this is so pretty..

Source: Pann