Netizens mock Enes Kaya for his most recent Instagram post

Netizens took the advantage of Enes Kaya’s latest Instagram post and mocked him. Enes Kaya is known for JTBC’s Non-Summit and his scandalous conversations with Korean women that took place in December of 2014.

On March 20th, Enes Kaya uploaded a photo with the caption, “Best weather, happy day, anyways, Love you Korea.” Netizens responded by saying, “The turkish Mr. Santa (Lee Byung Hun),” “Yes okay, love us a lot from there, but don’t come back,” and “I knew that he lived like nothing happened back in his country.”

In late 2014, Enes Kaya was caught talking and flirting with various women through Kakao Talk despite being married. Scandalous Kakao conversations were revealed by three women where Enes Kaya said things such as, “Hey sexy baby,” “I miss you,” “You owe me a kiss,” and more.

Prior to his scandal, he made appearances on tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea, Non-Summit, MBC’s World Changing Quiz and more.

Source: TV Report