Netizens Agree That Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Is The Number 1 Perfect Idol

She’s a pro.

Netizens have named soloist and Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon as the celebrity born to be an idol. Those who have seen her perform in her solo concerts can’t help but gush over what a pro performer she is.

Many commented on how good her stage presence is and how fun it is to see her perform.

Many take about how natural it is for Taeyeon to perform and how being on stage with her fans is her destiny since birth.

Netizens say even her stage outfits are perfect! Whether it be casual chic…

… or classy and feminine. They all match her!

Netizens all agree that she is the whole package. She can sing, dance, and she is drop-dead gorgeous. Not only that, but she knows how to put on a show for her fans. She is highly expressive and loves interacting with her fans. More power to Taeyeon!

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