Netizens poke fun at this idol drastic attitude change when on broadcast

It’s no surprise that the real personalities of any artists are not always revealed to the public especially as one can experience a lot of backlash.

In a recent aired episode of Jonghyun‘s Monthly Live Connection via Mnet, the SHINee member began recording close friend and fellow member Taemin. 

“Hello, Taemin-ssi, greeted Jonghyun to Taemin who replies (a cut), “I’m not fine. My belt isn’t fastened, so how can I be fine?”

However, when it was revealed immediately afterwards that Jonghyun’s recording was going to be broadcast, Taemin’s demeanor changes almost immediately causing Jonghyun to laugh.

Key, on the other hand,  makes an excuse that he was looking for his book. “Wait a minute, don’t lie,” Jonghyun calls out.

Netizens on Instiz poked fun at Taemin’s change of attitude as they left several comments of laughter.

Source: Instiz