Netizens praise SHINee’s Jonghyun for remembering Sewol Ferry victims on his birthday

SHINee’s Jonghyun celebrated his birthday on April 8th; however, instead of simply enjoying his birthday, he also took the time to remember some of the victims from the Sewol Ferry accident.

In the early hours of April 9th, Jonghyun tweeted out three long messages, as follows:

I’d received birthday messages from many people. Thank you. I think whatever event we share together is something to be thankful for. And with that meaning in mind, I have a story I wish to convey. All of you will not have forgotten the Sewol tragedy. There had been students at Danwon High School with the same birthday as me.

Park Ji Yoon and Kim Geon Woo’s birthdays are on April 8th. Although a day has passed…if you send a message to #1111, it will be shown on an electric sign board at a joint incense altar at Ansan. Please remember the kids.

Though they are kids that I haven’t exchanged any word with or seen them by sight, my chest is still numb and weak. They are kids that have breathed the same air as us. We cannot forget them. If for these kids. Or if for the kids that are remaining. If for the future.”

Upon reading the messages, netizens commented, “Thank you for remembering, Jonghyun. I won’t forget it either,” “We won’t forget…thanks for reminding us the important things in life,” and “Being busy is not a good excuse for forgetting things like this…thank you, my idol.