Netizens rave over female celebrities with angled jawlines

Netizens discuss whether angled jawlines are a beautiful feature with various photos of female celebrities accompanying.

Jawline and facial shape have been a hot topic of discussion amongst Korean women. Originally both men and women used to rave over the notorious V-line faces in women, leading to many cosmetic procedures to achieve such traits. But did the preferences for facial shape and jawline change over the years?

Originally titled “Women Look Elegant With Slightly Angled Jawline,” netizens discuss whether angled jawlines make women beautiful or not.

Here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Song Hye Kyo




Liu Yi Fei


Moon Chae Won




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“!!!! Of course other features such as eyes nose and mouth are important too but assuming those features are above-average!!!!

“When I was younger, I only thought V-line faces were the only pretty type

“But as I get older, angled jawline seems more elegant and noble than sharp V-line faces..

“I am jealous because you can’t make these faces with plastic surgery”

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[+107, -4] Angled jawlines can’t be the focus of women’s beauty looking at Kim Jin Soon and Park Gyung Lim because it may give a strong appeal to the face but… We are not talking about that… Their angled jawlines give a more elegant feel.. If I were to choose the top two, it would be Grace Kelly and Monica Bellucci…  There is also Kate Middleton who can be compared to Moon Chae Won, Song Hye Kyo and Han Ga In of Korea… The generation before, they can be compared to Kim Hee Sun and Lee Young Ae?? They all have slim and pretty face shapes but their apparent jawline makes them more elegant… But Korea only prefers women with no jawline but women with good features above the jawline… They think that they look like dolls or something… Saying eyes are important for women….. But to be honest, eyes and nose are basic features but the bottom jawline must be pretty hahahaha T_T_T

[+104, -5] Regarding physiognomy, V-line faces do not get rich nor do they accomplish something big. A slightly angled jawline is more boutique-like.

[+89,  -1] The slightly angled jawline that is pretty gives a unique appeal?? Yeah

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