Netizens react to “We Got Married” PD’s response

Previously the PD for the popular show We Got Married denied that the on screen couple, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, was set to depart from the show, but many netizens seem to have mixed feelings with her response.

Recently, it was reported that on screen couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun have finished their last recording for We Got Married’s season 4, and will be taking their leave from the show. However, the PD responded to this report, revealing that this wasn’t true.

Many netizens seemed to have mixed feelings about the PD though, and question the legitimacy of her response.

1. [+4,304, -83] I’m so sick of this, please just admit it already and take them off the show. When was there a time that these rumors didn’t end up true? I’m so tired of them denying  the final recordings when it is one.

2. [+3,986, -52] There hasn’t been a time where a WGM PD denied something and was telling the truth.

3. [+2,275, -226] I seriously don’t care.

4. [+447, -9] I hate the WGM PD ㅋㅋ There has never been a time where her official statements were ever true… ㅋ Just shut the hell up and do your job. With the way she speaks, you’d think she was some company CEO.

5. [+430, -20] PD always denies it but the rumors end up being true ㅋ They’re probably leaving because Kim So Eun’s starting a new drama.

6. [+266, -11] WGM always say this and then a few days later, the couple leaves the show for good

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Source: OSEN