Netizens react to BIGBANG T.O.P’s Instagram controversy

Netizens have swarmed to BIGBANG TOP‘s defense after the artist captured an anti-fan’s comment on his Instagram and uploaded it with the captions “^_^??”

Following T.O.P’s actions, many of his fans took the matter into their own hands and shamed the anti-fan, causing the him to close or private their various SNS platforms.

Fans and netizens who came across the occurrence showed their support of T.O.P’s action, although some think that T.O.P should have just let the anti-fan be.

[+ 1004, – 39] What do some people need to simply take and accept criticism?? You get what you ask for

[+ 955, – 36] Well that person’s going to have his account terrorized. Well deserved.

[+ 637, – 26] What is wrong with capturing a thoughtless comment on his own Instagram? The person should have thought twice before commenting. Good job, no celebrity should have to endure that.

Source: My Daily