Netizens refute claims that TWICE’s “Cheer Up” lyrics are sexist

Since its release on April 25th, TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” has been incredibly well-received by fans, topping music charts with a perfect all-kill and earning over ten million views on YouTube.
Despite its success so far, however, not everyone is a big fan of the song. In fact, after hearing JYP Entertainment group’s newest hit song, some have claimed that the lyrics are sexist and discriminatory. However, netizens have since defended the group, instead suggesting that those who are attacking TWICE’s lyrics are stretching with their claims.

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The line in questions says “A woman shouldn’t give her heart easily”

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[+ 1808, – 86] What kind of bs is this. I’m already pissed off that I can’t take a day off on May 6th..

[+ 1750, – 73] Stop this bs it’s already frustrating enough with this friggin weather

[+ 1274, – 70] The heck is this…

Source: Herald Economy