Netizens resurface dating rumors between Park Tae Joon and T-ARA Jiyeon

Dating rumors between ulzzang Park Tae Joon and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon have resurfaced.

Back in 2010, alleged photos of Park Tae Joon and T-ARA’s Jiyeon were published on an online community. Netizens compared pictures that appeared separately on both celebrity’s profiles and looked strangely identical, which raised questions in the netizens’ minds.

The pictures both featured a white dog that bore a rabbit hat on its head and an identical-looking bag strap. However, as was found out later, the upload of both pictures were different — Jiyeon’s was originally uploaded in May, while Tae Joon’s picture was uploaded in July.

Prior to photo controversy, on season 3 of Ulzzang Generation, Tae Joon announced that “I am currently dating someone in a girl group.

After this, reactions from netizens were varied with comments saying “Park Tae Joon’s picture and Ji Yeon’s picture still look the same,” “Maybe they’re purposely changing the upload date,” “Are they friends?” “Their [Tae Joon’s and Ji Yeon’s] netizens are incredible,” “Are they together?“.

Currently on Tae Joon’s online community page, it is rumored that he and T-ARA’s Jiyeon are dating.

Source: Sports Seoul