Netizens select the victor of the girl group summer comeback war

In light of the fierce competition among many girl groups trying to dominate with their summer comeback tracks, netizens have declared Girls’ Generation as the winner of it all. 

Girls’ Generation quickly topped all music charts with an all-kill merely hours after dropping their summer title track, “Party” on July 8th and reached over 1 million views on their music video within six hours of its release.

Netizens have nothing but praise for the veteran group as they applaud the girls’ continual success and hard work.

1. [+ 2281, – 404] Girl group war’s final victor is SNSD!! Their music is an all kill even now
2. [+ 2035, – 356] The song is so good they always manage to work their concept flawlessly ㅇㅇ
3. [+ 1846, – 299] SNSD is the top they are on a different 2 days their youtube is over 5 million views

Source: Sports Donga