Netizens Were Shocked To Find Out This Produce X 101 Contestant’s Real Age

They didn’t expect him to be that age.

MBK Entertainment trainee and current Produce X 101 contestant Lee Hangyul has fans in shock after finding out his real age.

Due to his manly and mature image, most people assumed he was born in ’94 or ’95. That means many assumed that he was at least 24 or 25.

Many were shocked to find out that he was actually born in 1999, making him 20 this year!

Many fans were shocked to find out that they were a noona fan, but have stated that they will continue to support him on the show.

Numerous people also commented on how good looking he was and how they get actor vibes from him.

Lee Hangyul debuted back in 2017 as a member of IM66. He has also participated in the KBS’ survival show The Unit.