Netizens show support for Ladies’ Code’s “Smile Even If It Hurts”

As Ladies’ Code is reported to have returning to stage for the first time since the accident, netizens show support for their new song, “Smile Even If It Hurts.” 

Earlier, it was reported that Ladies’ Code will be performing their new song titled “Smile Even If It Hurts” during their RiSe & EunB Memorial Concert in Tokyo, Japan. It was further detailed that the members have finished both recording the song and preparing for the concert. However, further activities or promotions for the song have yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, since this will be Ladies’ Code’s first performance since the tragic accident last year, many fans and netizens react to the news of their return.

Here are some of netizen reactions below.

[ +3028 / -29] Ah.. The song title makes my heart ache..

[ +2458 / -42] Even the Heaven was to cruel back then…

[ +2383 / -29] It has already been almost a year since EunB and RiSe left us… I hope they are both happy where they are

[ +2142 / -100] They probably would have reached number 1 on music programs by now if it wasn’t for the accident

[ +1824 / -24] I’ll cheer you guys on. Thank you for making a return

[ +156 / -5] I hope rest of the Ladies’ Code members do well~ It will make EunB and RiSe happy as well.

[ +135 / -2] I really hope they do well

Source: Sports ChosunComments: Sports Chosun vis Naver