Netizens Spot G-Friend And TWICE Sharing The Same Practice Studio?

Despite being heralded as rivals in the industry, it seems like TWICE and G-Friend are also sharing a rehearsal room in between promotions. 

Recently, a few fans pointed out that as G-Friend’s management agency undergo renovation works on their buiilding, they have been spotted rehearsing in a dance studio similar to that of TWICE. Initially, fans thought that the members were sharing the studio with JYP Entertainment after the same place appeared on one of TWICE’s broadcast.

However, some fans eventually pitched the idea that dance studio may be rented venue and not JYP Entertainment’s training room, as others claimed to have seen the same studio have been used by other artists in the past.

Meanwhile, it was reported that due to G-Friend’s rocketing popularity, Source Music managed to earn extra funds to renovate their office, which includes their dane room and pantry.