EXO-Ls move to help EXO’s hidden amazing tracks resurface

Netizens uncover the hidden masterpieces behind EXO’s tracks as they list down their favourite hidden masterpieces and they take it one step further to give them new life through SBS ‘CPR’! 

Known for the catch title tracks, perfect all-kills and top-selling record sales, netizens highlighted their favourite hidden masterpiece as they discuss EXO’s other tracks.

A post on Instiz puts these gems into light in a thread started on September 24th. First on the list, in which most readers agreed, was the track “XOXO” from their album of the same name released back in 2013, which was followed by smooth, pop track, “Lucky.”

“El Dorado” from the EXODUS album came in third, followed by the lyrical track “Lucky Girl” from XOXO. “Beautiful,” the sweet, love song from the group, came in last, which completed the well-recommended other tracks from the group.

Meanwhile, the group recently proved their impressive influence on ticket sales as they sell out all 20,000 seats for their first dome concert.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

“Pick the song that you wish would resurface from below and vote here

  1. XOXO
  2. Lucky
  3. El Dorado
  4. Butterfly Girl
  5. Beautiful


Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

  • #4!!!!!
  • The least known masterpiece in my opinion is either Beautiful or Shooting star
  • When I listen to #5 I feel like my heart becomes pure….
  • I can’t pick…..I love them alllllll
  • I actually like Moonlight the best!

Source: Instiz