New rock band Burstered releases MV ahead of debut

New rock band Burstered has just unveiled their first music video a head of their debut for their upcoming debut track “Wherever You Call Me.”

The song “Wherever You Call me” is one of the six songs on their 1st EP titled Independent.

Featured in the video, the group of five really knows how to tap into emotion as they play a powerful rock styled vocal throughout the song. With a beautiful sunset background, the feeling of longing and passion shines through.

The guys that make up Burstered first got their introduction to the public through Mnet‘s show Superstar K6 in November of last year. Netizens eagerly anticipating the group’s debut have left comments “Finally their official album is coming out,” “We’ve been waiting for you,” “I hope you show the power of a rock band,” “Burstered is finally debuting,” and more.

The group has been teasing fans with their talents, for example, last month, the members released a band cover of American rock All Time Low‘s hit song “Time Bomb.”

Rock music lovers looking to keep up to date with the yet to debut group can follow them of their official Facebook page.

Check out the music video below!