Nicole releases official music video for “MAMA”!

Nicole, a former member of KARA, has finally released her very first music video for her solo mini-album title track, “MAMA”!After the announcement of Nicole’s solo debut was reported to the public on October 20th, many fans and netizens have been anticipating the idol’s solo comeback, after her withdrawal from KARA back in January of this year.

Nicole’s new agency, B2M Entertainment, began releasing a series of teasers in the form of photos and videos. The first teaser was a photo of various handwritten texts and drawings delicately scribbled over the idol’s body. The second teaser uploaded was a video of the first teaser, showing Nicole’s decorated and tattooed body from many different camera angles. The third and last teaser for “MAMA” was another 35-second video of clips of the singer dancing by herself and with other dancers.

Today, on November 19th, B2M Entertainment has finally released the full official music video!

In the video, Nicole is seen portraying several different characterssome being casually emotional and others being lavishly sexy. In one of the scenes, the young artist is seen trapped in a grayish melancholic room with a bundle of black balloons, while other scenes show Nicole dancing in a brightly lit vintage building or in a dark, messy bathroom where she is seen wiping tears away.

Another quick scene in the middle of this video holds a startling surprise when Nicole opens up the door to a refrigerator and finds something beyond her expectations.

Nicole displays her talents in both her vocals and choreography during the music video, sparking up the excitement of fans around the world.

Many netizens who have watched the newly released video have been leaving comments such as, “Wow! She is so hot!” “I cannot believe this, it’s too much to handle!” or “This is way better than I expected. Very nice.

Nicole’s mini-album, First Romance, has been released on November 19th with great success.

Check out the video for “MAMA” below!